How Creative Tim generated tons of traffic using Reddit

Creative Tim, a place where you can buy UI Kits, boosted their growth by posting in different communities. Reddit has over 130k subreddits (niche communities on Reddit). Creative Tim started posting content on subreddits where their target audience would hang out like /r/web_design, /r/html5, /r/frontend and others. By posting something the community loves to see their content got upvoted to the top. Resulting in a ton of highly targeted and free traffic.

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Pro members get a nice Kanban dashboard with 40+ (and growing) step-by-step marketing ideas just like this one that helps them attract their first 1,000 users.

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In which subreddit is your target audience hanging out, right now? Which posts seem to do well within those subreddits? How can you create a post that adds value to the community and link back to your product/service?

💡 Here’s how

1 - Go to and start typing keywords related to your business.

2 - Make a list of a few subreddits where your target audience is conversing

3 - Check out the top posts within those subreddits to get a better understanding of the type of posts that seem to work well

4 - Start contributing to the subreddit. Spamming will backbite you. Be helpful and engage in the community with helpful posts & comments. You’ll gradually build up a super targeted, free traffic channel back to your product or service.

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