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We’ve built Phireworks to help you learn how other product builders acquired their first users and how you can apply what worked for them. Today we’ll be sharing one of many bite-sized & actionable case studies that you can find in your Phireworks dashboard.

💌 Ask people in your network to tell others about you

Unicorn Platform, an online landing page builder, had growth success by getting support from friends. Most people think they start with a network of zero people, but the reality is you already have a ton of people in your network. These can be friends, family members, Linkedin connections, Facebook friends, phone contacts and even members from communities you participate in. Don’t think that the people around you don’t matter, because they’re not the target audience. By connecting with them, you tap into dozens of 2nd and 3rd connections where your target audience might just be hanging out.

What if you could turn everybody around you into a marketer for your business?

💡 Here’s how

1 - Go through your phone’s contacts and start with the people you’re close to

2 - Send them a message about the product you’re working on and if they’d be willing to share it with their friends to help promote it. They can either forward your message, post it on their facebook or connect you directly with a potential customer they know.

3 - Do this with the people you’re connected with on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.

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How Creative Tim generated tons of traffic using Reddit

Creative Tim, a place where you can buy UI Kits, boosted their growth by posting in different communities. Reddit has over 130k subreddits (niche communities on Reddit). Creative Tim started posting content on subreddits where their target audience would hang out like /r/web_design, /r/html5, /r/frontend and others. By posting something the community loves to see their content got upvoted to the top. Resulting in a ton of highly targeted and free traffic.

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In which subreddit is your target audience hanging out, right now? Which posts seem to do well within those subreddits? How can you create a post that adds value to the community and link back to your product/service?

💡 Here’s how

1 - Go to and start typing keywords related to your business.

2 - Make a list of a few subreddits where your target audience is conversing

3 - Check out the top posts within those subreddits to get a better understanding of the type of posts that seem to work well

4 - Start contributing to the subreddit. Spamming will backbite you. Be helpful and engage in the community with helpful posts & comments. You’ll gradually build up a super targeted, free traffic channel back to your product or service.

How open profiles helped Github acquire 6,000 users pre-launch

Before Github launched, they had a beta program for early users. By the time they officially launched, they already had 6,000 users. Github made an inherently viral product. The first users they would onboard, started sharing their code on GitHub through a single link. So their profiles were being shared by the users left and right, which increased the traffic to the Github website significantly. When people would visit these open profiles to view the code their friends had shared, they could sign up for the beta program themselves to start sharing their own code on Github.

People like to show off. By giving your users open profiles, or unique pages that they are eager to share with their friends, you build a powerful marketing engine.

💡 Here’s how

1 - Make a list of the things your users are or will be producing/getting through your product.

2 - Brainstorm ideas of how a public page could look like for your users. What could they be sharing with the world?

3 - If your users get designs, you can give them their own page with their designs, so they can share it with others. If your users are collecting analytics data for their website, perhaps you could give them a public page where they can choose to share their stats with the world.

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